Aqua Massage Apparatus:

The aqua massage apparatus is also a unique machine at our facility. This machine utilizes 36 warm water pulsating mini-jets which massage the entire body. You will not have to undress or get wet, the protective barrier is placed between your body and the water while you lay face down on a cushioned mat. This apparatus is also available for the community and the fitness center members. A price list is available by calling our Silver City office at (575) 388-0430. This apparatus will be utilized to assist in relaxing your body due to spine injuries such as:

  1. ligament sprains
  2. muscle strains
  3. muscle spasms
  4. circulatory problems
  5. overall body relaxation.
This machine will be utilized in conjunction with the Pneu-weight system, posture gage, Pneu-spine chair, and the McKenzie protocol to enhance treatment outcomes and relaxation of the body.