Cardiac Phase II Rehabilitation:

This program is utilized with patients who have had major cardiac surgical intervention such as bypass, stent, and heart transplants that are medically stable and released home. This program is also utilized for patient's post heart attack with no surgical intervention necessary. The purpose of this program is to increase the individual's cardiac capacity to 80 % in a monitored progressive manner. The vital signs are monitored while you perform the program. Within the program you will be progressed utilizing the Bruce protocol to tolerate 13 minutes at 80 % cardiac capacity for their age.

In the initial stages of this program, the Pneu-weight system will be utilized to decrease body weight so your heart will not have to work as hard vs. full body weight. We usually start by taking off 40 lbs using the Pneu-weight system in a vertical manner. Once they can achieve 70 % cardiac capacity, 10 lbs will be reduced every session until you are not utilizing the Pneu-weight system at all and are achieving 80 % cardiac capacity.

To further enhance your cardiac capacity, the upper body ergonometer (UBE) is integrated when you reach 70 % of your cardiac capacity with the Bruce protocol. After 4-6 weeks in the program you are instructed on the appropriate use of the treadmill in the fitness center. You will be supervised for a couple of sessions to make sure you use the apparatus correctly and use the pulse sensor appropriately to continue your own cardiac recovery. You will continue using the fitness center program until you can tolerate 5 days a week 20 minutes of cardiac work-outs.