Pneu-Chair Spine System

The Pneu-chair apparatus is also unique in our facilities. This system utilizes compressed air as resistence which is specialized to perform specific exercises to your spine muscles. The chair is specifically designed to stabilize 4-5 segment settings while targeting the paraspinal muscles, beginning from the lumbar, lower thoracic, upper thoracic, and ending at the cervical area. It has been scientifically proven that in order to strengthen weak paraspinal muscles, the areas in question must be isolated. No previous exercise regimes have come close to this system in targeting the paraspinal musculature of the whole spine. This system is utilized for a variety of diagnosis related to the spinal column. Such as:

  1. Spinal stenosis
  2. Muscle atrophy of paraspinal musculature
  3. Poor posture

The Pneu-chair system will be specifically applied to each individual to target the spinal segments that require rehabilitation for posture correction or enhancement of paraspinal muscle strength. The Pneu-chair system will be utilized in conjunction with the posture gage, the McKenzie protocol, and the Pneu-weight system.