FOTO (Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes Inc.):

FOTO is a organization specializing in physical therapy functional outcomes. This organization gathers statistical data from physical therapy facilities around the nation. So far there are a total of 1,700 private clinics participating in this program. Statistical data gathered ranges from age, sex, demographics, race, BMI, insurance provider, total amount of money for services, total visits, satisfaction survey, and injured area in question. A series of functional questions regarding your abilities to use the injured limb with daily activities are asked, the same series of questions along with a satisfaction survey are asked at re-evaluation and discharge.

    Every quarter this data is sent to the FOTO organization, they analyze the data and compare our results to the information in the system. We have been participating in gathering statistical data since January 1, 2007. From the initial visit to the end of therapy we rate above the national average in functional outcomes. The patient's percieve themselves functioning above average when compared to national statistics. So far out facilities rated at 97.3 % in satisfaction.