1. Electrical Stimulation - Main purpose of electrical stimulation is to desensitize the nerve endings around the area to decrease pain. It also assists in decreasing swelling and muscle re-education. Below is a list of different types of electrical currents utilized at Ingiuez Physical Therapy facilities.
    • Interferential Current
    • Iontophoresis
    • Micro-current
    • High Galvanic Electrical Stimulation
  2. Cryotherapy - Main purpose of ice is to assist in reducing swelling in the injured area. Very important for the first couple of weeks from the injury date.
    • Ice Packs
    • Ice Massage
    • Contrast Ice Bath
  3. Moist Hot Packs - Main purpose is to assist in relaxing and increase blood flow to the inured area.
  4. Ultrasound - Main purpose is to use ultra sound waves to promote healing to the injured area.
  5. Paraffin Heat Bath - This is a hot wax and is mainly utilized for heating hands or feet to reduce athritis pain.