Patient Education

This process is utilized by our staff with every patient seen in our facilities. This process may include the following:
  • Proper instruction on anatomy as it relates to your physical injury.
  • Proper instruction on posture if physical problem is related to spine injury.
  • Proper instruction on lifting body mechanics so you can lift objects at home or at work properly and avoid further injury.
  • Proper instruction on home exercise program and responsibilities to encourage you to become part of your own treatment process. The home program may include flexibility, strength exercises, precautions, and activities to avoid and reduce potential further injury.
  • We will answer any questions that you may have as it relates to your injury and treatment process. This procedure from a physical therapist point of view is just as important as the treatment for the injury.
This patient education process is critical and will directly influence the outcome of the treatment and healing of the injury. Your therapist will also educate you on the do's and don'ts to avoid the same injury in the future or becoming worse throughout the treatment process.