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Our physical therapy facilities are equipt with all the appropriate tools, exercise machines, fitness center on site, and expertise to treat any sports related injury. Our experience as therapists includes 2 years with a Semi-pro hockey team with the Tri-City Americans in Washington State. Since 1996, we have treated a variety of sports injuries with athletes in our community with excellent results. Furthermore, in conjunction with the Pneu-weight system and a high speed treadmill ranging up to 28 MPR, the athletes can be challenged to their potential. This phase of the program assists in enhancing the individual's speed.

Regarding athletic enhancement, any athlete in the community can participate in the program. This program is recommended in the off season of his/her sport and 8 weeks prior to their first practice for their sport. For example: a football player would be advised to start the program in the beginning of July so they can finish at the end of August when football practice begins. If you need more information contact our office at 575-388-0430. This program is also utilized in our facilities with a variety of diagnosis related to any type of sport injury. This program will assist the athlete in enhancing his/her strength, endurance, coordination, and speed. Depending on the type of injury and sport requirements, a specialized program will be designed for the athlete so he/she can return to his/her sport at the top of his/her game. Part of this program will be utilized for injured athletes and will include:

  1. Patient education on anatomy, physiology, and prevention responsibilities
  2. Strength Training
  3. Endurance Training
  4. Coordination and balance training
  5. Sport Specific Exercises
  6. Speed training (if appropriate for the physical injury) and
  7. Home Exercise program.