Work Related Injury Program:

Our facilities consists of experienced and educated physical therapists. We offer state of the art specialized exercise equipment in the therapy clinics and a fitness center on site. The fitness center also offers a variety of tools to assist the injured worker to return to work. As a physical therapist I have had one-on-one experience working with a physician in Washington State who was in charge for ΒΌ of the state's workman's compensation inured workers program. Within those two years, I gained expertise in appropriate progression to prepare the injured worker to return to work in a efficient and safe manner.

 This program may be utilized to treat a variety of diagnosis of injured worker. They can regain their function and return to their job duties safely . The first phase of the program consists of treating the acute phase of your injury. After your injury is stabilized, you will be progressed to a more aggressive phase of the program. The purpose of this phase is to improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, and proper education and prevention for safety at work. This program will be utilized to treat injured workers and will include:

  1. Patient Education and prevention
  2. Strength training
  3. Endurance Training
  4. Posture Education
  5. Proper Lifting Mechanic Instruction
  6. Home exercise program responsibilities.